Saturday, June 24, 2017

Actors Who Have Played William S. Burroughs

Actors Who Have Played William S. Burroughs

Peter Weller in Naked Lunch (1991)

Dennis Hopper in The Source (1999)

Kiefer Sutherland in Beat (2000)

Viggo Mortenson in On The Road (2012)

Ben Foster in Kill Your Darlings (2013)

J.G. Ballard Playlist

J.G. Ballard Playlist

1. Hawkwind - High Rise
2. The Fall - Industrial Estate
3. The Buggles - Vermilion Sands 
4. Madonna - Drowned World/Substitute
5. Gary Numan - Down In The Park
6. Joy Division - Atrocity Exhibition

The Great Pumpkin Incident

The Great Pumpkin Incident

A few years back, right before I was supposed to have spinal surgery, I was reaching under the television for the cat when the LED pumpkin that was perched precariously atop fell and cracked my noggin. Ended up with a black eye. The bone underneath still feels weird to this day.

That Sinking Feeling

Sinkholes Around The World

There are two basic types of sinkholes: (1) A cover-subsidance sinkhole and (2) a cover-collapse sinkhole.

A sinkhole near Brisbane, Australia.

Most are naturally occurring, but humans can contribute.

Harwood Hole - Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand. 183 m deep.

The Devil's Hole sinkhole near Hawthorne, Florida.

Teiq Sinkhole - Oman, Jordan. One of the largest sinkholes in the world by volume - 90 million cubic meters. 250 m deep.

Blue Hole - Dahab, Egypt. 130 m deep on the edge of the Red Sea. Free diving attempts often prove fatal.

Bahmah Sinkhole in Oman, Jordan.

A helicopter hovers over a sinkhole that's 120-feet wide and 180-feet deep in a gypsum stack at IMC-Agrico's New Wales plant, southwest of Mulberry, Fla., on June 29, 1994. (Scott Wheeler/Reuters)

The Great Blue Hole is a giant submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize

Friday, June 23, 2017

Character Breakdown & Vocabulary from PKD's "The Crack In Space"

Character Breakdown & Vocabulary from PKD's "The Crack In Space"

Dateline - 2080

Herb Lackmore - Oakland Branch of the U.S. Dept. of Special Public Welfare

Lurton D. Sands jr. - Famous Org Trans Surgeon, getting divorced from...

Myra - Abort Consultant

Cally Vale - Lurton Sands' mistress

Tito Cravelli - Private Investigator hired by Myra to dig up dirt on her husband

Darius Pethel - Owns Pethel Jiffi Scuttler Sales & Service

Stu Hadley - His salesman

Rick Erickson - Repairman for Pethel Jiffi Scuttler Sales & Service

James Briskin - Republican Liberal candidate for president. Black.

Salisbury Heim - His campaign manager

Patricia Briskin - His wife

Phil Danville - His speech writer

Bruno Mini - Failed Terraformer

Frank Woodbine - Famous space explorer

William Schwartz - State's Rights Conservative Democrat incumbent

Verne Engel - runs CLEAN (like the TEA Party)

Thisbe Olt - Golden Door Moments of Bliss Satellite

George Walt - 2 headed proprieter on the Satellite


Newsclown - A person who delivers specially selected light news.

Muslim Heroes

Muslim Heroes

Jack Swanson (7 yrs old) - Lassana Bathily - Adel Termos, these are names we should remember. Their extraordinary acts of generosity, courage and sacrifice speak to the goodness in all of us. Murder is easy and can be done by any coward. A little boy giving all that he has to remedy the defilement of a church, a grocery clerk sheltering others at great peril to himself, a car mechanic and father giving his own life to save the strangers around him - these are the acts of heroes.

This is Humayun Khan. He was a Captain in the U.S. Army. When a vehicle packed with explosives approached his compound in Iraq in 2004, he instructed his men to seek cover as he ran toward it. The car exploded, killing Khan instantly. He was awarded the Bronze Star posthumously. Humayun was a Muslim from an immigrant family. Humayun is a hero.

This is Lassana Bathily. On January 9, 2015, during a terrorist attack at a Jewish market in Paris he hid several shoppers in a walk-in freezer - saving their lives at the risk of his own. Lassana was an immigrant in France who has since been granted citizenship. Lassana is a Muslim. Lassana is a hero.

This is Adel Termos. On November 12, 2015 he tackled a suicide bomber in Beirut, sacrificing his own life to save hundreds of others. Adel was a Muslim. Adel is a hero.

This is Alia Baqer. During the invasion of Iraq, she and her staff managed to save 30,000 books from The Basra Central Library before it was burned to the ground. You can read about it in the children's book, "The Librarian of Basra" by Jeanette Winter. Alia is a Muslim. Alia is a hero.

Queen Rania of Jordan, Benazir Bhutto, King Hussein, Anwar Sadat and Saladin. These are/were people of honor, courage and sacrifice. Their people are better for having had them as leaders. Comprised of three men and two women, two of them paid for peace with their lives. Sadat and Hussein signed peace agreements with Israel that still hold today.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Kilgore Trout Short Stories

Breakfast of Champions Trailer 1999

  •      2BR02B
  •     "Asleep at the Switch"
  •     The Barring-gaffner of Bagnialto, or This Year's Masterpiece
  •     The Big Board
  •     "The Dancing Fool"
  •     The First District Court of Thank-You
  •     Gilgongo!
  •     The Gospel from Outer Space
  •     The Gutless Wonder
  •     "Hail to the Chief"
  •     "How You Doin?"
  •     Maniacs in the Fourth Dimension
  •     Now It Can Be Told
  •     Oh Say Can You Smell?
  •     The Pan-Galactic Memory Bank
  •     "Pan-Galactic Straw-Boss" 
  •     Pan-Galactic Three-Day Pass
  •     Plague on Wheels
  •     The Planet Gobblers
  •     The Smart Bunny
  •     The Son of Jimmy Valentine
  •     "This Means You"
  •     Venus on the Half-Shell

Fictional character
Kilgore Trout is a fictional character created by author Kurt Vonnegut. In Vonnegut's work, Trout is a notably unsuccessful author of paperback science fiction novels. Wikipedia
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